Transmission holds retreats in beautiful wooded settings in northern California for trans men and trans masculine folks.

Our retreats include heart circles, meditation, peer-led workshops, and activities that support our mission (below).

Sometimes people do deep healing work at our gatherings, and some folks mostly lounge by the pool. Some folks do a bit of both.

Some people go to every workshops they can, and some go to a few, and some attend none. Some folks even create their own “pop up” workshops during the retreat.

Some people socialize all weekend, while others spend much of their time on their own.

It’s all good – provided folks remain respectful, kind, and mindful of their impact on others. While it’s not a summer camp or party scene, Transmission is relaxing, healing, and a lot of fun.


Our mission is to foster personal and collective healing from the effects of transphobia. We do this by holding heart-centered retreats that help increase self-confidence and self-acceptance, deepen friendships and community connections, and strengthen our sense of belonging as trans men and trans masculine folks .


After a few retreats, we discovered that POC were underrepresented and we want to remedy that.  We want to increase POC participation at our retreats to at least 50% of attendees and facilitators.  We also want to ensure the space feels safe and inclusive of POC. 

  • We’re seeking POC interested in participating in our Planning Teams and leading workshops. 
  • We are creating POC-only spaces at each retreat. 
  • We’re raising funds to sponsor POC attendees on a sliding scale that starts at $0.

You can help by

  • Helping us raise money for the POC sponsorship fund – learn more here. 
    • (Please note: We will continue to offer half-price scholarships to 10% of attendees, based on their financial need.)
  • Supporting diversity in other ways that reflect our intersectional lives – see below.

We want our participants to arrive aware of their privilege and how to check it, so we can be proactively inclusive and supportive of diversity in all its forms.  If you’re considering attending, please make sure you are committed to the following:

  • Being anti-racist, conscious of white privilege, and comfortable being held accountable if your words or actions reflect racial bias
  • Affirming all trans masculine identities, from man to non-binary, and not assuming other people’s pronouns
  • Embracing a spectrum of gender expression or style from masculine to androgynous to feminine
  • Accepting all sexual orientations such as gay, bi, pan, queer, straight, and asexual
  • Treating with upmost respect a wide range of bodies and approaches to affirming gender identity

If you aren’t sure what these statements mean or they bring up questions, please contact us at info@geared4transmission.org . We welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your concerns in person or by phone.


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Not sure this is right for you? Here are some comments from past participants.

This retreat was the most profound experience I have had … maybe in my life.

Feel better about my body than I have maybe ever.

I feel like I have a future.

I feel affirmed, appreciated, safe, and I made a really deep connection and a lot of friends.

So much thanks and gratitude for such an amazing retreat. My heart cracked open. So much power.

Hugely centering/self-confidence building. Also deepening sense of community and connection. Less fear.

Very grateful for the opportunity this retreat provided. So healing.

I want to share with you that my attendance changed my life. I am so grateful. So much love from everyone.

thanks again for an incredible weekend. it changed me in ways that might take time to unpack and fully appreciate.

Helped me uncover wounds and send love and healing to them. Gave me tools to stay in my heart and weather storms. Soul-filling.

I had my trans experience reflected back to me in powerful ways. I feel so proud to be trans now.

being shirtless all weekend connected me to my body, created new pathways, more self-acceptance

It is amazing to witness the variety of Trans identity.