group-photo-v3Join dozens of trans men and trans masculine folks for a private retreat in the woods. We have two retreats planned. Learn more about summer 2017 and winter 2018.

Our nonprofit retreats are produced and led by volunteers (we have no paid staff). All proceeds go towards scholarships and underwriting the next retreat.

We offer peer-led heart circles, meditation, workshops, fun activities, and community building. Participants can also create their own “pop up” workshops, discussions, and activities during the retreat. You can go on hikes, swim, make music, or just hang out and relax.

In fact, you can do whatever fills your heart – provided you remain clean and sober, treat others with respect and kindness, and keep the noise level low from 11pm to 7am (silence not required – but courtesy is).

quotes5OUR MISSION: Our mission is to foster personal and collective healing from the effects of transphobia. Our retreats provide a unique opportunity to step away from the day-to-day stress we face as trans men and trans masculine folks. Learn more about the planning team and founders here.

HEART-CENTERED: Heart circles are at the center of our retreats. They provide an opportunity to listen deeply and speak authentically with the intention of becoming more present, heart-directed, and connected. Sharing is completely optional. Participants who sit in the heart circles report getting the most out of our retreats, so we encourage folks to attend.


SOBRIETY: Please note:¬†Transmission retreats are¬†clean and sober. Recreational drugs, marijuana, and alcohol are not allowed. Participants with prescription medication (including medicinal marijuana) should bring and use their medication discretely to treat their medical condition according to doctor’s orders. Sharing or recreational use of prescription medication of any type is not allowed.

POLICIES: In addition to sobriety, Transmission has a few other policies that are integral to creating a healing environment at retreats (diversity and inclusion, quiet hours, privacy, and right to dismiss). We encourage attendees to read the policies ahead of time.

SCHOLARSHIPS: You can help others by donating any amount to our scholarship fund. Each year, contributions made it possible to provide half-price scholarships to 20% of attendees.

UPCOMING RETREATS: Learn more about our summer gathering and winter contemplation.

Transmission embraces the diversity of our trans masculine identities, races, bodies, races, ethnicities, ages (18+), sexual orientations and abilities. Participants are expected to treat each other and our differences with respect and kindness.