Transmission offers retreats for trans men and trans masculine folks at beautiful locations in wooded northern California. Our gatherings include peer-led workshops and activities that support our mission.

Check out the upcoming Spring Inspiration retreat (May 25-28, Memorial Day weekend).

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You can come to Transmission to do introspective work, to connect with community, to relax and reduce stress, to hang out and have fun, or all of the above. You can attend workshops all day, check out one or two, or skip them altogether. If you’re feeling social, there are be plenty of folks to connect with. If you’d rather have quiet time, the beautiful natural setting provides ample space for solitude and contemplation. It’s all good. We just ask that everyone is respectful, kind, and mindful of their impact on others.

Transmission is not-for-profit and produced entirely by volunteers (we have no paid staff). Registration fees offsets our costs for renting retreat sites, providing meals, and paying recurring costs (website, software, bookkeeping, event insurance, etc). Donations allow us to offer scholarships.


Our mission is to help trans men and trans masculine folks increase self-confidence and self-acceptance, deepen friendships and community connections, and strengthen their sense of belonging through participation in our heart-centered gatherings and retreats.

In support of our mission, Transmission is substance free, scent free, and tech free. 

  • Substance Free: Recreational drugs, marijuana, and alcohol aren’t allowed. Prescription medication (including medicinal marijuana) should be taken discretely per doctor’s orders to treat medical conditions (sharing prescription meds isn’t allowed). 
  • Scent Free: Fragrances in personal care products can cause headaches, asthma attacks, dizziness, and allergic reactions. Bring fragrance-free products and avoid aftershave, cologne, or body spray. You can find a partial list of fragrance-free products here.
  • Tech Free: We unplug for the weekend. Phones can be used as alarm clocks, watches, and flashlights. Otherwise, we set aside technology, avoiding phone calls, texting, email, social media, game apps, etc, during the retreat. It’s a great way to reduce stress and connect with yourself and other folks. (In case of emergency, our loved ones can reach us by calling the facility landline.)


Transmission is inclusive in terms of race, ethnicity, trans masculine gender identity, presentation style, body type, and sexual orientation. We want everyone to feel safe and included. If you’re considering attending, please attend fully committed to the following:

  • Being anti-racist, conscious of white privilege, and comfortable being held accountable if your words or actions reflect racial bias
  • Affirming of trans masculine identities, from man to non-binary, and not assuming other people’s pronouns
  • Embracing of a spectrum of presentation styles from masculine to androgynous to feminine
  • Accepting of all sexual orientations such as gay, bi, pan, queer, straight, and asexual
  • Treating with upmost respect a wide range of body types, configurations, and approaches to affirming gender identity

You can also support our commitment to inclusion by donating to our scholarship fund. This helps to make our gatherings more accessible to folks with financial needs. Learn more here.


Not sure this is right for you? Here are some comments from past participants.

This retreat was the most profound experience I have had … maybe in my life.

Feel better about my body than I have maybe ever.

I feel like I have a future.

I feel affirmed, appreciated, safe, and I made a really deep connection and a lot of friends.

So much thanks and gratitude for such an amazing retreat. My heart cracked open. So much power.

Hugely centering/self-confidence building. Also deepening sense of community and connection. Less fear.

Very grateful for the opportunity this retreat provided. So healing.

I want to share with you that my attendance changed my life. I am so grateful. So much love from everyone.

thanks again for an incredible weekend. it changed me in ways that might take time to unpack and fully appreciate.

Helped me uncover wounds and send love and healing to them. Gave me tools to stay in my heart and weather storms. Soul-filling.

I had my trans experience reflected back to me in powerful ways. I feel so proud to be trans now.

being shirtless all weekend connected me to my body, created new pathways, more self-acceptance

It is amazing to witness the variety of Trans identity.