Transmission Retreats

Transmission offers retreats for trans masculine, non binary, genderqueer and gender non-conforming people (AFAB) in beautiful locations in wooded northern California. Our gatherings include peer-led workshops and activities designed to support community.

Check out our upcoming retreats and our FAQs page.

Come connect with community, relax, and have fun. You can attend workshops all day, check out one or two, or skip them altogether. If you’re feeling social, there are be plenty of folks to connect with. If you’d rather have quiet time, the woods await you. It’s all good.

Transmission is not-for-profit and produced entirely by volunteers (we have no paid staff). Registration fees offsets our costs for renting retreat sites, providing meals, and paying recurring costs (website, software, bookkeeping, event insurance, etc). Donations allow us to offer scholarships.


Our mission is to help trans masculine folks deepen their self-confidence, friendships, and community connections. Our heart-centered retreats are affirming and fun! And in support of our community, Transmission is substance free, scent free, and tech free.


Transmission is inclusive in terms of race, ethnicity, trans masculine gender identity, presentation style, body type, age (18+), and sexual orientation. We ask everyone to commit to kindness and respect so we all feel safe and included. 


Not sure this is right for you? Here are some comments from past participants.

This retreat was the most profound experience I have had … maybe in my life.

Feel better about my body than I have maybe ever.

I feel like I have a future.

I feel affirmed, appreciated, safe, and I made a really deep connection and a lot of friends.

So much thanks and gratitude for such an amazing retreat. My heart cracked open. So much power.

Hugely centering/self-confidence building. Also deepening sense of community and connection. Less fear.

Very grateful for the opportunity this retreat provided. So healing.

I want to share with you that my attendance changed my life. I am so grateful. So much love from everyone.

thanks again for an incredible weekend. it changed me in ways that might take time to unpack and fully appreciate.

Helped me uncover wounds and send love and healing to them. Gave me tools to stay in my heart and weather storms. Soul-filling.

I had my trans experience reflected back to me in powerful ways. I feel so proud to be trans now.

being shirtless all weekend connected me to my body, created new pathways, more self-acceptance

It is amazing to witness the variety of Trans identity.