Transmission offers heart-centered retreats for trans men and trans masculine folks. We provide space for discussing, sharing, and exploring things that impact our lives and celebrate the diversity of our community and bodies within it.


Our mission is to foster personal and collective healing from the effects of transphobia. Our goals include facilitating increases in self-confidence and self-acceptance, deepening friendships and community connections, and strengthening a sense of belonging.


Because so many of us have experienced oppression, we expect all participants to be supportive of diversity and aware of their privilege and how to check it.

We ask that everyone come ready to be inclusive and conscious in terms of

  • supporting racial and ethnic diversity, being anti-racist, and taking white privilege seriously
  • affirming a range of trans masculine identities from man/male to non-binary (and not assuming pronouns)
  • embracing a spectrum of gender expression from masculine to androgynous to feminine
  • accepting all sexual orientations such as gay, bi, pan, queer, straight, and asexual
  • validating a variety of medical and non-medical approaches to affirming gender identity


Transmission is awesome, relaxing, fun, and life changing. And it’s not summer camp or a party scene.

Transmission retreats include heart circles, meditation, peer-led workshops, and activities that support our mission and goals (above). Participants can also create their own “pop up” discussions, workshops, and activities during the retreat.

Sometimes people do deep personal healing work at our gatherings, and some folks mostly lounge by the pool. Some folks do a bit of both. Some people go to every workshops they can, and some go a few, and some attend none. Some socialize all weekend, while some spend much of their time on their own. It’s all good – provided everyone remains committed to being mindful, kind, and respectful, and willing to be reminded if they forget this commitment.

We believe Transmission gatherings can help improve the health and well being of trans masculine people. If this interests you, please join our mailing list to receive updates about future retreats.


Heart circles are at the center of our retreats. They provide an opportunity to listen deeply to your community and to speak authentically about whatever is in your heart at the time. The purpose is to become more present, heart-directed, and connected. Sharing is completely optional. Participants who join heart circles report getting the most out of our retreats, so we encourage folks to attend.


Transmission retreats are¬†clean and sober. Recreational drugs, marijuana, and alcohol are not allowed. Participants with prescription medication (including medicinal marijuana) should take their medication discretely to treat their medical condition according to doctor’s orders. Sharing or recreational use of prescription medication of any type is not allowed.


Transmission is produced and led by volunteers. No one is paid, and we have no “staff.” All proceeds and donations offset costs for direct expenses, ongoing fees (like the website), and scholarships.