About Us

About Us

Transmission Leadership Team (TILT)

Anthony Ross (he/him/his) is a Santa Cruz, CA transplant originally from upstate New York (or downstate, depending on where you are!) Always looking to grow and learn personally, he’s found meditation and mindfulness practices critical to thriving in this world. Anthony currently works as the Transgender Services Program Manager for the Office of LGBTQ Affairs in Santa Clara County. Before that, he spent fifteen years working with queer youth on the San Francisco Peninsula. Anthony has over twenty five years of experience working with and presenting to diverse groups of people on identity involving gender and sexuality, and more recently working with other white people interested in understanding their own white privilege and its impact.

Daniel Blumrosen has been active in queer community care and social justice work since his early 20s, when he began working with the Santa Cruz Needle Exchange and outreach based HIV prevention.  In 1994, Daniel helped open the first Santa Cruz Drop-In Center, supporting queer and un-housed youth. Between 1997 and 2014, Daniel worked at the County of Santa Cruz where he performed over 3000 HIV tests and managed a counseling program offering free therapy to HIV positive individuals and couples.  He got his Marriage and Family Therapist license in 2006 and opened a private practice where he continues to serve and advocate for trans and non binary youth, adults and their families. Daniel is committed to dismantling white dominance and improving inclusivity in trans and non binary community spaces and to supporting the mental and physical health of all trans and nonbinary communit(ies).   He loves solo backpacking and reading, and is committed to ongoing personal, political and spiritual growth.

Felix Wakefield-Mills is a non-binary Bay Area local, currently in school to become a nurse practitioner with a strong background in sociology. From 2013-2016 they worked in Okanogan, Washington establishing a series of “Bridges out of Poverty” programs combating income inequality in the community. These programs not only focused on providing additional social mobility resources for local families but also on educating the community’s financially secure in their contribution to income inequality with an emphasis on long term structural improvements. They were a founding board member of the county’s independent nonprofit food bank, The Dinner Table. Felix also occasionally fosters kittens to adoption and has a big heart for animals and children. They now live in the Bay Area and love nothing more than a picnic on a hot day at the beach with friends or a good sci-fi/fantasy novel. Their first Transmission was Spring 2018 which gave them the space to embrace their gender for the first time. Now they want to create that space for others as well.

Martin Vitorino works as the Program Director for InsightLA, a non-profit Vipassana and mindfulness meditation studio in Los Angeles, where he is also undergoing a year long facilitator training.  Martin is trained by Courage of Care in Oakland, CA to teach a model that merges sustainable compassion practices with social justice activism, and serves on their teaching team. Previously, Martin trained foster parents and nonprofits in the child welfare system on ways to better understand and support LGBTQ young people in foster care. Martin earned a Ph.D. in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Emory University where he researched resiliency in women who had been imprisoned. He also holds a B.S. in Psychology from Westfield State University in Massachusetts.  He is also on the speaker’s bureau of PFLAG Los Angeles. Transmission had such a positive impact on his life and he wants to give back wherever possible. He is passionate about creating safe and nurturing space for POC trans men and trans masculine identified people.

Max Pearl was an HIV/AIDS educator and advocate from 1985-1995. Max taught at Hampshire College from 1989 through 1999, as Assistant and Associate Professor of Biology. He left academia in 1999 for a career in software development. He has been on the boards of several non-profit organizations, and was Moderator of First Congregational Church in Oakland from 2010-11.  Max is a long-time practitioner of contemplative spirituality, both in Buddhist and Christian traditions. Max has a Certificate of Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley. He is also a multi-genre writer and blogger. He lives in Sonoma County, California.

René Rivera is working and learning in all the spaces in-between race, gender, and other perceived binaries, as a trans, queer, mixed-race leader and bridge-builder. He has led bicycle advocacy groups for the last 8 years as acting executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition in 2010 and as executive director of Bike East Bay since then. Prior to that he worked as finance and administrative director for non-profits including the Exploratorium and Playworks. He is a long-time meditator and serves as board member and diversity chair at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He teaches at and formerly served on the board of the East Bay Meditation Center. René lives in Oakland.

We deeply appreciate the work of the co-founders, Colin Close and Kris Shanks, and the work Colin did for years to keep Transmission going.


Transmission is not for profit and our retreats are run entirely by trans masculine volunteers. We have no paid staff and no advertising budget – so where does our money go?

  • 85% of our expenses are for renting a site and providing meals
  • 8% of our expenses cover ongoing expenses such as our website, software fees, and paying our nonprofit sponsor for their services (bookkeeping, insurance, etc).
  • The rest, 7% of our expenses, are for supplies and materials for retreats.


Thank you to the Billys, our 501(c)3 sponsor. We are so grateful for your 25 years of building heart-centered community for gay and bisexual men (cis and trans) and your generosity and willingness to help us create the same for trans masculine folks. We are following your foot steps, honored to learn from your collective and individual wisdom.