About Us

About Us


2018 Summer Gathering

Eli and Martin are currently pouring their hearts and souls into planning the Summer Gathering. Plus they’re raising money for scholarships and the POC sliding scale — and you can help by donating any amount to help sponsor folks who need financial assistance to attend.

Eli is a queer, non-binary transguy and felt right at home at their first Transmission in 2017. They are very excited to be part of the planning team for the first time along with Martin. Eli enjoys spending time with community, listening to music, and being within petting distance of dogs. They are Bay Area born and raised and currently reside in Berkeley, CA.

Martin attended his first Transmission in Winter 2017, and it completely changed his life.  At the time, he struggled a lot with allowing himself to transition and felt intense shame around being trans. Spending the weekend with so many affirming trans men and trans masculine people mirrored for him what healthy masculinity could look like and he began to feel proud of being a trans man. Since that first retreat, he has given back by leading heart circles and meditation at subsequent Transmission’s gatherings. He wanted to help organize this year’s heart-centered summer gathering to create a fun space for trans masculine people to feel welcome and safe to be who we are. Martin lives in Los Angeles and works at a mindfulness meditation studio.

2018 Spring Inspiration

Thanks to CHARI & Jake for creating an amazing Spring retreat.

CHARI attended their first Transmission the summer of 2016 and quickly became an avid supporter of Transmission. CHARI is a musician, humanitarian, and all around creative being. They specialize in leadership and confidence building, as well as facilitated conversation. They are the founder of Musicians for Humanity, a start up organization that focuses on eradicating hunger and homelessness in the Bay Area. CHARI lives with their wife in Marin County and enjoys bike riding and jamming to their vinyl record collection in their spare time.

Jake has been involved in every Transmission, starting out as a volunteer at Summer 2015, as a workshop facilitator at subsequent retreats, then as a planning team member for Summer 2017, and is thrilled to be coordinating with CHARI for the Spring Inspiration. He is the founder and facilitator of TRANScribing Our Lives, a journal/writing circle for the trans* community.  Jake lives in Sonoma County with his menagerie of children, dogs, and cats.


Transmission was founded in 2014 by Colin and Kris to provide heart-centered retreats serving our trans masculine community.

  • COLIN co-founded FTM Sonoma County in 2004, co-produced the Northern CA Conference on Trans Health & Wellness in 2008, and conducted the national 2011 Transitions Survey. His 2014 masters thesis focused on Dr. Alan Hart’s transformation from female to male in 1917. Colin lives in Sonoma County with his wife, son, and fur kids. His current passion is meditation.
  • KRIS has been involved with the Billys since 2012, and was inspired by his experience attending and volunteering at Billy gatherings to create a retreat for trans masculine people. He is an avid birder, and lives in Sonoma County with his boyfriend and dogs.


Transmission is not for profit and our retreats are run entirely by trans masculine volunteers. We have no paid staff and no advertising budget – so where does our money go?

  • 85% of our expenses are for renting a site and providing meals
  • 8% of our expenses cover ongoing expenses such as our website, software fees, and paying our nonprofit sponsor for their services (bookkeeping, insurance, etc).
  • The rest, 7% of our expenses, are for supplies and materials for retreats.


Thank you to the Billys, our 501(c)3 sponsor. We are so grateful for your 25 years of building heart-centered community for gay and bisexual men (cis and trans) and your generosity and willingness to help us create the same for trans masculine folks. We are following your foot steps, honored to learn from your collective and individual wisdom.