About Us

About Us

Transmission is not for profit and produced entirely by volunteers.

We have no paid staff and no advertising budget – so how do we spend the money we receive?

  • 84 cents of every dollar goes toward renting a site and providing meals
  • 10 cents pays for ongoing expenses such as insurance, our website, software, and bookkeeping
  • 6 cents helps us provide retreat supplies and materials


Transmission was founded in 2014 by Colin and Kris to provide heart-centered not-for-profit retreats organized by and for trans men and trans masculine folks.

COLIN co-founded FTM Sonoma County in 2004, co-produced the Northern CA Conference on Trans Health & Wellness in 2008, and conducted the national 2011 Transitions Survey. His 2014 masters thesis focused on Dr. Alan Hart’s transformation from female to male in 1917. Colin lives in Sonoma County with his wife, son, and fur kids.

KRIS has been involved with the Billys since 2012, and was inspired by his experience attending and volunteering at Billy gatherings to create a retreat for trans masculine people. He lives in Sonoma County with his boyfriend and dogs.


billysThank you to the Billys, our 501(c)3 sponsor. We are so grateful for your 25 years of building heart-centered community for gay and bisexual men (cis and trans) and your generosity and willingness to help us create the same for trans masculine folks. We are following your foot steps, honored to learn from your collective and individual wisdom. 


Transmission embraces the diversity of our trans masculine identities, bodies, races, ethnicities, ages (18+), sexual orientations and abilities. Participants are expected to treat each other and our differences with respect and kindness.