Is Transmission only for trans men?
Transmission serves a broad spectrum of trans men and trans masculine folks. If you were assigned female at birth but don’t identify as female, you are welcome.

How far along do I have to I be in my “transition” in order to attend, or to fit in?
You don’t need to be anywhere in particular in terms of a social or medical transition. Come as you are!

What age group attends Transmission retreats?
Transmission retreats are limited to adults (18 years or older). We get a good mix of ages, with balanced representation from every decade.

I’m straight … or gay or bi or queer or asexual or pansexual or poly or exploring. Will I fit in?
Yes, you’ll fit right in! People of all sexual orientations attend Transmission.

Do people of color attend? Do you offer activities that specifically address POC interests and needs?
Yes and yes!

Does Transmission help facilitate carpooling?
If you need a ride or can offer one, select the rideshare option when you register. We will add you to the rideshare board so you can coordinate with others who want to carpool. While there are no guarantees, everyone has found a ride so far.

What should I bring?
Pack layers of clothes appropriate to the weather, comfortable shoes, swimming attire, personal toiletries, a towel, bedding (pillow plus sleeping bag or blankets & sheets), earplugs (for sleeping), a flashlight and batteries, a journal or notebook, and reusable water bottle. You are welcome to bring acoustic instruments, too.

Leave these at home: computer/laptop, electronic games, and recreational drugs, alcohol. Plan on stashing your phone in a safe place like your car so you can fully unplug during the retreat.

What happens during a retreat? Are the organized activities mandatory?
You can participate in meditation before breakfast, a heart circle before lunch, workshops in the afternoon, and join a sing along or talent show at night. You can create a “pop up” workshop or discussion or take a hike, go swimming, soak in the hot tub, read, relax, hang out, socialize, nap … you get the picture! It’s totally up to you to decide how to spend your time at Transmission. You can do whatever fills your heart, provided you remain sober, treat others kindly and respectfully, and keep noise levels low after 11pm.

What is a Heart Circle?
Our retreats are organized around heart circles. Experiencing a heart circle is both deeply personal and profoundly collective. A heart circle is an opportunity to sit together (in a circle) with the intention of becoming more present, heart directed, and connected. Participants speak authentically from the heart, one person at a time, in a confidential environment while the circle listens supportively without intervening. Sharing is completely optional, and listening compassionately is just as important as speaking from the heart. Attending heart circles is optional (like all of our activities), but participants who sit in heart circles report getting the most out of our retreats, so we encourage everyone to attend.

Is Transmission a clean and sober retreat?
Transmission retreats are substance free. Recreational drugs, marijuana, and alcohol are not allowed.

What about medicinal marijuana?
Participants with prescription medication (including medicinal marijuana) should bring and use their medication discretely to treat their medical condition as instructed by their doctor. Sharing or recreational use of prescription medication of any type is not allowed.

Do you have any retreats planned?
Learn more about the summer gathering and winter contemplation.