Transmission is committed to being as accessible and diverse as possible. We’re raising funds to help sponsor participation from POC folks and attendees who may need financial assistance.

We have recently made a commitment to increase POC participation at our retreats to at least 50% of attendees and facilitators. To support this, we’re raising money so we can offer 50% of our retreat tickets to POC on a sliding scale starting at $0. We’re also raising money to fund half-price scholarships for folks who need financial assistance.

Thank you! With your help, we raised enough money in just 10 days to provide 16 tickets on a sliding scale for POC who wish to attend our winter retreat (51% of retreat capacity) and half-price scholarships for other attendees based on financial need (10% of retreat capacity). Thank you to all of our donors!

Now we’re seeking your help to raise $25,000 so we can reserve 50% of our spring and summer retreat tickets for POC on a sliding scale starting at $0 and 10% of tickets at half-price for other attendees who need financial assistance.

You can help!

  • You can donate any amount at any time.
  • You can tell us about grants and foundations that might be a good fit.
  • You can connect us to individuals who might be interested in making large contributions.

Please send links and leads to us at . If you’d like to speak with us first, let us know and we’ll work with you to arrange a time to talk in person or by phone.

Transmission is an all-volunteer organization. We accept tax deductible DONATIONS of any size. Our 501(c) sponsor (the Billy Foundation) will process your donation on our behalf through their secure account (all you need is your credit card).

Transmission changes lives. On behalf of the sponsorship recipients, thank you !!

What do past participants have to say about Transmission?

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for something like this. I feel healed and loved and whole and proud!”

“I feel better about being trans – proud – and more aware of who I am and the needs I have been denying myself. I feel seen and like I belong.”

“I gained stronger self-love, spiritual recharge, inspiration, strength.”

“I am reeling from the gathering. Thank you so much for doing this!”

“This retreat deepened my experience as a trans man.”

“I feel more comfortable with myself and my masculinity now.”

“I feel more calm, happier, confirmed.”

“This experience helped me trust people, trust myself, understand my limits, be ok to assert my boundaries.”

“I feel much more confident.”

“The sense of community helped me with feeling not so alone.”

“I feel much more comfortable with my transness and am open to going deeper into my healing work.”

“I feel more comfortable in my identity and have been able to heal in a few areas.”

“This retreat helped me feel more in touch with my body.”

“I feel less anxious, tense, and depressed than before.”

“I feel secure in my identity as a trans masculine person.”

“I feel rejuvenated, inspired.”

“My eyes and mind were expanded and I feel comfortable in my body for the first time.”

“This was rich and rewarding.”

“The retreat reinforced the feeling of belonging to a community.”

“I feel super connected to my brothers.”


Transmission embraces the diversity of our trans masculine identities, races, bodies, races, ethnicities, ages (18+), sexual orientations and abilities. Participants are expected to treat each other and our differences with respect and kindness.