2018 Spring Inspiration

2018 Spring Inspiration

Memorial Day weekend
May 25-28, 2018 (Fri – Mon)
Foresthill, CA (private retreat site)
Theme: Cultivating community through creative expression!

The Spring Inspiration retreat is for 60 trans men and trans masculine folks who want to build community by expressing themselves through music, writing, drawing, dance, crafts, painting, nature sculptures, and more.

Of course we’ll also offer heart circles, meditation, and journal writing! Plus there will be a pool, hiking, singing, a talent/no talent show, campfire circles, and plenty of food!

Request for Proposals !!
We’re looking for workshop leaders, heart circle facilitators, and qualified life guards. If selected, you’ll get access to priority registration, first choice of lodging options, and a discount! Learn more here.

The Planning Team and workshop facilitators include people of color. We’ll have a POC-only meeting space 24/7 for people of color, with someone available to hang with at designated times. We’ve reserved half of the retreat tickets for people of color and are raising money to provide a POC sliding scale and half-price scholarships for non-POC folks with financial needs. If you have other ideas to make this a welcoming retreat, please let us know.

Our theme is “Creating Community”. The draft schedule is shown below. We’ll sleep in cabins (up to 10 per cabin in bunk beds – just like summer camp!) and have healthy home cooked meals prepared for us.

Registration opens in late March – more info here.


Under construction! Check back in March!


Transmission is diverse and inclusive.

  • Participants are diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender presentation, sexual orientation, body configuration, and gender identity along the trans masculine spectrum. Please arrive ready to have curiosity about things that come up for you, and be aware of your privilege. Sometimes words and actions can reflect bias, even if it wasn’t intended, so we’ll all do our best to pay attention to our impact and not just our intentions.

Transmission is tech free.

  • We’re unplugging from technology for the weekend. If you need to have your phone handy (to use as an alarm clock, watch, or flashlight), that’s fine. Just put it on silent and “do not disturb mode” and completely avoid phone calls, email, texting, internet, game apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc, from arrival on Saturday until you leave on Monday. In case of emergency, your loved ones can reach you through the facility landline.

Transmission is substance-free.

  • Recreational drugs and alcohol can impede being present and mindful, so we leave these items at home. Prescription medication is allowed for personal use (including medicinal marijuana) and should be taken discretely according to doctor’s orders to treat medical conditions.

Transmission is fragrance free.

  • Fragrances in toiletries and personal care products can cause adverse health effects in some folks, including difficulty breathing, migraine headaches, flu-like symptoms, and more. In the spirit of caring for community, bring fragrance-free products (shampoo, body wash, lotion, shaving cream, sunblock, soap, etc.), and do not wear aftershave, cologne, body spray, etc. You can find a partial list of fragrance-free products here.