4th Annual Summer Gathering

4th Annual Summer Gathering



Gathering for trans men and trans masculine folks

Date: Aug 24-26 (3 days, 2 nights) 
Time: Fri 4 pm – Sun 2 pm
Location: Upper Lake, CA
Cost: $220 (half-price scholarships will be offered based on donations received)

Call for workshops – Learn more!

This is our 4th annual summer gathering … heart circles, hiking, journaling, workshops, swimming, community discussions, music, laughter, fresh delicious meals … and 100 trans men and trans masculine folks!

We’ll spend 3 days/2 nights enjoying interactive workshops, fun activities, and friendship. If workshops aren’t your thing, take a dip in the pool, go for a hike, make music with friends, or just hang out.

In addition to workshops, we’ll offer meditation and heart circles every morning, and we’ll have evening activities that bring us all together, like the incredibly popular Open Mic Night. We’ll sleep in cabins and dorm rooms, or you can bring your own tent.

If you’re feeling social, you’re sure to make friends. If you need some alone time, the beautiful natural setting provides plenty of space for solitude and contemplation.

We’ve reserved half of the tickets for people of color (POC) until  July 24. The Planning Team and workshop facilitators include people of color, and there will be a POC-only meeting space available 24/7. If you have other ideas to make this a welcoming retreat, please let us know.


You have questions, we have answers! FAQs


Pay it Forward!

We’re raising funds to offer reduced price tickets (on a sliding scale, starting at half price) for folks who need financial assistance to attend. For every $100 we receive in donations, we can help one person come to camp! Your contributions (of any size) are tax deductible. If you can help, thank you! Your donation will make a tremendous difference in someone’s live.


Tickets go on sale in mid-June.

Check back for details, or sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.


Under construction! Check back in June.


Transmission is inclusive.

  • Participants are diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender presentation, sexual orientation, body configuration, and gender identity along the trans masculine spectrum. Please arrive ready to have curiosity about things that come up for you, and be aware of your privilege. Sometimes words and actions can reflect bias, even if it wasn’t intended, so we’ll all do our best to pay attention to our impact and not just our intentions.

Transmission is tech free.

  • We unplug from technology for the weekend. If you need to have your phone handy (to use as an alarm clock, watch, or flashlight), that’s fine. Just put it on silent and “do not disturb mode” so you can avoid phone calls, email, texting, internet, game apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc, for a few days. In case of emergency, your loved ones can reach you through the facility’s landline (phone number provided when you register).

Transmission is substance-free.

  • Recreational drugs and alcohol can impede being present and mindful, so we leave these items at home. Prescription medication is allowed for personal use (including medicinal marijuana) and should be taken discretely according to doctor’s orders to treat medical conditions.

Transmission is fragrance free.

  • Fragrances in toiletries and personal care products can cause adverse health effects in some folks, including difficulty breathing, migraine headaches, flu-like symptoms, and more. In the spirit of caring for community, bring fragrance-free products (shampoo, body wash, lotion, shaving cream, sunblock, soap, etc.), and do not wear aftershave, cologne, body spray, etc. You can find a partial list of fragrance-free products here.


What do past participants have to say about Transmission?

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for something like this. I feel healed and loved and whole and proud!”

“I feel better about being trans – proud – and more aware of who I am and the needs I have been denying myself. I feel seen and like I belong.”

“I gained stronger self-love, spiritual recharge, inspiration, strength.”

“I am reeling from the gathering. Thank you so much for doing this!”

“This retreat deepened my experience as a trans man.”

“I feel more comfortable with myself and my masculinity now.”

“I feel more calm, happier, confirmed.”

“This experience helped me trust people, trust myself, understand my limits, be ok to assert my boundaries.”

“I feel much more confident.”

“The sense of community helped me with feeling not so alone.”

“I feel much more comfortable with my transness and am open to going deeper into my healing work.”

“I feel more comfortable in my identity and have been able to heal in a few areas.”

“This retreat helped me feel more in touch with my body.”

“I feel less anxious, tense, and depressed than before.”

“I feel secure in my identity as a trans masculine person.”

“I feel rejuvenated, inspired.”

“My eyes and mind were expanded and I feel comfortable in my body for the first time.”

“This was rich and rewarding.”

“The retreat reinforced the feeling of belonging to a community.”

“I feel super connected to my brothers.”