Transmission Retreat Policies

Transmission Retreat Policies

Transmission Retreat Policies


Overarching Goal

Our mission is to help trans men and trans masculine folks deepen their self-confidence, friendships, and community connections. Transmission is inclusive in terms of race, ethnicity, trans masculine gender identity, presentation style, body type, ability, age (18+), and sexual orientation. We ask everyone to commit to kindness and respect so we all feel safe and included.



Refunds are given minus a $25 processing fee up to 4 weeks in advance of the retreat.  Refunds are not guaranteed after this.


Sliding Scale

All tickets are sold on a sliding scale. There three sliding scales: Standard, POC, and Facilitator. POC and facilitator scales start at half price.


POC representation/participation

One goal of Transmission retreats is to center POC experience, and de-center whiteness. To that end, the goal of all Transmission retreats is 2/3 POC representation. If there are unfilled spots, the spaces are held until 4 weeks before the retreat. The size will be capped to preserve the ratio. The planning teams must be at least 50% POC, as well as the facilitators. Transmission leadership is also at least 50% POC


Non-Binary representation

There will always be non-binary representation on the leadership team, and in facilitators during retreats. There will be non-binary workshops during all retreats


Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of elements of the culture of a colonized people outside of their context by the dominant (white, colonizer) culture. For example, the use of Native American terminology/iconography. We want Transmission, as a community, and in our gatherings, to be as free of this practice as possible.


Who can come to the retreats

Transmission retreats are limited to those who identify as trans masculine adults (18 years and older)

Trans masculine is defined as anyone who was assigned female or intersex at birth but does not identify as female.  A trans masculine person identifies with some aspect(s) of masculinity whether it be in terms of physical body, gender expression, spirit or soul, and/or other qualities that the person considers to be masculine.  What is considered masculine varies across cultures, time and context, which means that though some common threads may emerge, there is no single definition of masculinity. Though a trans masculine person identifies with certain qualities that they consider masculine, this does not mean that this person does not or should not also identify with qualities they or others consider feminine or androgynous.


Service Animals

In our experience, retreat sites allow ADA service animals but do not allow emotional support animals. If you wish to bring an animal to a retreat, send us an email ASAP so we can check with the facility. Include your answers to these questions: (1) Is this a service animal that is highly trained to perform a necessary function related to one or more disabilities you have? (2) What work or task has the service animal been trained to perform for you? and (3) What type of animal is it? Please note: if your service animal is disruptive, the facility may ask you to leave.


Smoking and Substances

Smoking is limited to a specific location at each retreat, and not allowed elsewhere. Medical cannabis use is permitted


Scent-free retreat

Transmission retreats are scent-free. We will advise participants in advance how to arrive scent-free. We will provide scent-free products on site


Tech -free retreat

Transmission retreats are tech-free. Leave laptops at home. We encourage you to turn cell phones off unless needed in emergency. (Some retreat sites do not have cell service.)


Pop-up Workshops

Pop-up workshops are an important part of Transmission retreats. No pop-up workshop can be scheduled in the same time and place as a pre-scheduled activity (such as at the pool during the pool party.)


Quiet hours

Quiet hours are important for some folks for whom 8 hours of sleep or quiet time is necessary. Some retreats (such as winter) will have quiet hours, from 11pm to 7am. Other retreats (like summer) will have quiet zones. There will always be dedicated quiet spaces as well as spaces during a retreats where people can have noisy activities into the night.


Non-commercial space

Transmission is a non-commercial space. Please bring flyers or business cards, but you cannot sell goods or services during a retreat.



The TILT team organizes fundraising campaigns to raise money to subsidize the cost of  attending the retreat for POC and others who are in financial need.  Transmission has a  no questions asked policy for participants requesting any rate on the sliding scale.  Transmission will request information from registrants about accessibility needs and work to ensure equitable access to all aspects of the retreat.  If accommodations are not possible TILT will contact the registrants and inform them in advance and offer a full  refund if requested.


(Transmission Retreat Policies Version: 1/02/2019)